West Sepik Province

Sandaun Province, officially West Sepik Province[citation needed], is the north-westernmost province of Papua New Guinea. It covers an area of 35,920 km² and has a population of 248,411 (2011 census). The capital is Vanimo. In July 1998 the area surrounding the town Aitape suffered from an enormous tsunami in which killed over 2,000 people in total.
Districts and LLGs

There are four districts in the province. Each district has one or more Local Level Government (LLG) areas. For census purposes, the LLG areas are subdivided into wards and those into census units.[1]
District     District Capital     LLG Name
Aitape-Lumi District     Aitape     Aitape Urban
East Aitape Rural
East Wapei Rural
West Aitape Rural
West Wapei Rural
Nuku District     Nuku     Nuku Rural
Palai Rural
Yangkok Rural
Maimai Wanwan Rural
Telefomin District     Telefomin     Namea Rural
Oksapmin Rural
Telefomin Rural
Yapsie Rural
Vanimo-Green River District     Vanimo     Amanab Rural
Bewani-Wutung-Onei Rural
Green River Rural
Vanimo Urban
Walsa Rural
Members of the National Parliament

The province and each district is represented by a Member of the National Parliament. There is one provincial electorate and each district is an open electorate. The following table lists Members before and after the 2007 general election.
Electorate     Previous member (party)     2007 winner (party)
West Sepik Provincial     Carlos Yuni (Independent)     Simon Solo (NA) [2]
Aitape-Lumi Open     Patrick Pruaitch (NA)     Patrick Pruaitch (NA) [3]
Nuku Open     Andrew Kumbakor (PANGU)     Andrew Kumbakor (PANGU) [4]
Telefomin Open     Atimeng Buhupe (NA)     Peter Iwei (PDM) [5]
Vanimo-Green River Open     Philip Inou (PAP)     Belden Namah (NA) [5]

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